End Game, Skins and Look Out

Still working on the end game content, polishing zones, mechanics and effects there. Looking quite nice already, but I am still not satisfied.

More and more skins are added to the game, so that upper level 3 should be fully implemented soon. Awesome!

Yesterday a friend of mine told me that her cousin is developing a game and visited a games convention earlier this year. It was a blast of an experience and they had even offers to sell their work for 100.000€. w00t! For an unfinished, not even playable game.
That made be curious and I will try to look out for local groups and conventions so that Orbs is gettig more attention.
The Steam release will rise the attention too, but getting a local fan base could be a major part of the future of Orbs! Stay tuned!

Steam Achievements, Identification Module and Energy Skin

Hello fans,

I just added all achievements of Orbs to the Steam library. So from now on, you can unlock them there. Try it out!

A new module made it to the world of Orbs. It is an utility module called “Identification”. It will expose information of a target orb upon activation.

A new skin has been finished and implemented into the game. It has been added to energy orbs.

Of course – tons of bug fixes and performance improvements made it to the latest version. You will notice a much more smoother gameplay experience.