Bug fixes, a new Module and web site updates


fixed several bugs these days.

The new web site is making good progress a well.

I also added a neicon_smallw module called
“Crepitator”. It is a tier 8 energy module, that deals damage from an area. I will create more modules that deal damage¬†across the themes, because the damage matrix is going to happen soon.

Here is a preview of what it will look like:themematrix


Again, issues with the patcher


there are still issues with the patcher. Sometimes it doesnt even start patching, sometime it stalls and freezes in the middle of the patching process. After a restart of the
game it says “invalid patch file”.
With the newest version I implemented a workaround, that downloads the full client when an error occurs. ūüôĀ
I am in contact with the developer of the patcher tool, so I hope for fixes.


patcher fixes, theme icons and use of theme colors


the last days I worked on the patcher again. I am confident that it will run fine now. If you encounter problems, run Orbs with administrator rights, that helps!

I collected an icon for each theme, so that is it more clear what certain aspect of the game are related to. In Orbs, almost everything is related to a theme, so I am still improving to how where and what that means. This improvement is not done yet and I will continue to work on it the next days.

I’m in discussion whether new players spawn directly in the first zone. It can be done, in case the intro is completely renewed. I plan to have it show the infiltration ship dock at the orb and then you may see how infiltration orbs are teleported. The actual game will start showing you right after the teleportation has been completed.

I am still short of music and a few models, but I received many many applications by composers and modelers, so I expect to have that done hopefully quite soon. With that in place, a new trailer must be created.
After the trailer is done, Orbs will be added to steam’s greenlight.

That’s the roadmap for now. See you ingame!