Steam Release!

The game is now available for purchase and play on Steam! So much work and time has been put into this. This project started in mid 2015, and after over 2 years we have finally released the game on Steam. We never thought this game would see the light of day let alone release on steam. Buying and playing this game means so much to us and we want to say a huge thank you to the people that played in the pre-release and on the original launcher and We plan on updating and making this game better in every way possible. We want 100 percent developer honesty and transparency and just know that we care and that were doing everything to try and better the game.

If you have feedback, you can go the sub reddit here or the discord here. 

Version 1.511.0 patch

Today we’ve looked into fixing some bugs and have cleaned out a few ones causing some issues, as well as adding some more things to the balancing.

To start, new players using the infiltration orb (the starting orb), will not lose their modules when they are killed, meaning new players wont be reset every time they are killed. We also fixed an instance where when an entity conquered a zone the zone event trigger would not save correctly. This should now be fixed. Issues with acceleration physics have also been addressed, mostly to do with mass and acceleration improperly calculating the speed of the orb. On top of these, the new spotlight from yesterday should now render without strange artifacts on the screen. Last but not least, we have fixed the UI! There were issues with screen ratio and resolutions meaning that it wouldn’t display on the whole screen and parts of it not at all. These should be fixed and the new UI should be working! It can be used with the f1-f4 keys.

Thats all for today, expect more updates and patches soon.


Version 1.510.0 update

Recently we’ve been getting a lot of feedback about the lighting and we’ve addressed this with changes to the way the lighting emits from your orb.

These changes essentially change the entire lighting system with a spotlight instead of light just emitting from the orb. This mean a lot better visibility, and less visibility along the rest of the screen.

Along with these changes we’ve shipped a fix regarding quest objective naming.

Last of all, were experimenting with changes to the UI, and making it more modular. The early version has shipped to the game and can be tried out with f1 through f4. These buttons will hide or reveal certain areas of the UI. There are known bugs to this and were addressing them.