Steam, Summer Sale, Let’s Play

Hello Orbs fans,

the Steam integration is complete. Some internal are already playing Orbs over Steam. There is still some testing to be done, but sooner or later I’ll publish the current Orbs build for Valve to review. If you want to be part of this testing stage, drop me a line! I am especially looking for Mac and Linux testers.

There is an summer sale going on. Orbs’ price dropped by 50%! Purchase your key now before it’s too late.

From now on I plan to stream Let’s Plays on Twitch so make sure to check them out on my channel or browse by game and look for Orbs. The commentary is still experimental and we will improve quality. When there is demand, we’ll also add sub titles, because we talk german. We will then port the videos to youtube. If you are interested to understand what is said: just give me a hint!

Steam, Website and Intro


still waiting for the Steam approval, but I already implemented some logic in the game that will make Steam players register and connect to the game.

In the meantime I improved the website. Special thanks to Erika, who created all the fancy components on the web site. I’ll continue to add more feature images when I have time.

The intro is worked on so that it has music and sound effects. I already had the chance to see a preview and it will be awesome.

Stay tuned!