Patching and Triggers

The patching finally works on all platforms!
If you still experience problems with the patching process, contact me.

The triggers in the game which open gates or seal portals have a new model and texture.

We are still working on the music to finally make the Greenlight release happen.

Bug Fixes

The last days focused on bug fixes that have been reported by players. Some of them are hard to reproduce so it might take a while to find the cause. But most of them could be fixed already.

I am still pushing the composing of music and creating of models as much as I can to complete theĀ Green Light version.

Patcher, Upper Level 3, Music

I got the source codeĀ of the patching process and am now able to fix the patching for linux and mac myself. For linux, I already applied a fix! For mac, the latest tests are running and it is looking good that these errors will be gone soon! Hurray!

I am working more and more on upper level 3. No one has been there in the current orb, but I want to be prepared. So I started redesigning the zones there now. That means I need more models, textures, musics etc. So I had an overlook at who does what at the moment.

The music part is behind the most and I really need talented people to create the title and infiltration track, which are required for the steam release! So if you read this and know anyone being able to create good fitting music, mail me!