Hidden Zones, Treasures, Artifacts


New stuff to beat in the world of Orbs awaits you.
You may have seen hidden areas already, but they did not offer much so far. Now, with the next release, hidden areas are the entrance to hidden zones. Within those zones you need to find the exit from a maze. There is treasure at the end!

You all know modules, but from now on very rare module artifacts can also drop. These artifacts have special abilities and are passive modules you need to load.

Have Fun!



the newest version of Orbs introduces Bots.
Even when you are alone in the world of Orbs, you are no longer save to control or rule zones. Bots will eventually enter your zone and contest it!
Bots are a lot smarter and more powerful than usual bots. They can navigate the battle field from point to point and are able to reach their goal using a pathing system. So they will know your weakest spot, they will try to take the zone and conquer the construct. Be prepared!