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the I SHOW YOU board has been shut down and only the BLOG will be available from now on.
If you want to contact us, speak to us or want to discuss anything, please use one of our social media sites or visit us on irc.quakenet channel #ISU

There is always someone listening to you!


GameJolt Partner Program, Cooling Anomaly, Construct Protection, Might Zone Changes


GameJolt started a partner program where you can apply to play games for free if you are a youtuber or twitch caster. When people then buy the game you can earn a revenue share of 10%!
Orbs is part of this program and I would like to see Orbs being played!
Do not wait, apply now:

I prepared the implemention of the cooling anomaly effect, which will spawn a cloud dropping instant cooling aids.

The construct protection will be changed soon. Protection will no longer start instantly but needs to build up for a certain amount of time. After the time has passed, protection begins.

When inside a Might zone, you will now also contribute to the zone control when disabling or destroying enemy player orbs.

Zone Stability and Indie Game of the Year

A new feature has been added to the game: Zone Stability
It is not yet fully implemented but zones become unstable when it’s controller changed too often. Special constructor orbs will then be sent to stabilize the zone. These orbs are supposed to drop rare modules which can be used to create a citadel within the zone, which in return supports the zone’s construct.

IndieDB is running a Indie Game of the Year competition. So be sure to vote for Orbs at: