Version 1.509.0 update

Hi! Im ladykiller_ the new social media manager!

Today we released patch 1.509.0, which added new admin tools, meaning admins can now spawn and go into a spectator mode, making a lot of things easier. Agents have also been made editable without having to update the game itself, making for a more streamlined agents system.

Planning for release on steam in one week, can’t wait!


Social Agent, Press Inquiries and Steam Release

Hello Readers,

I SHOW YOU Games recruited it’s first Social Agent for Orbs. His name is LadyKiller_ and his job is to keep contact with the community, fans and players. He is also responsible to bring new players to the game. So feel free to contact him, you can find him on our discord server.

With the upcoming release on Stream, Orbs receives press inquiries. They plan to review Orbs and publish an article about the game. When there is something to see, ISU will post news about it.

Orbs is finally ready for Steam! It has been approved and is only a few clicks away from being launched. ISU plans to launch Orbs mid September, so stay tuned!