User Interface Scaling, Anomalies


almost all ingame user interface elements now scale with the screen resolution so that you hopefully can ready everything fine.

The newest Version V 1.376.0 also introduces anomalies. They spawn from time to time, hovering across zones. Orbs can collide with them, but you need to find out whether you want to take the consequences.


Wall Vision Outline Effect

It is back.
I finally had the time to replace the wall vision outline effects, which got screwed up with the newest Uniticon_smally version.
I was able to create 2 shaders that seem to do the job really well! I think I also save quite some performance because calculating is a lot easier, it’s “just” rendering.

Version 1.373.0 will bring back this important effect.

Healing Skin, Fixes and Work in Progress


Mortifero finished the healing skin. It is now implemented for all healing orbs. Check it out!

I played a while and found some minor bugs, mainly in the gravitation zones. Should be fine now.

The new web page is still in progress and needs a lot more work, but we are getting somewhere 😉
I was told a new intro is about 50% complete. I don’t know any details yet and will judge it as soon as I can see anything. I am curious.