11 Major Updates


since the launch on Steam a lot has been improved in the game. The game has received more than 11 updates since then. Here is a very short summary of what has changed so far:

Agent Power, Daily Sociality, Monitor, Home Zone, Charge Zone, Orb Models, Gravitation Storms, Key Movement, Sphere, Reflection, Multiplicator Display

Agents have a little more power with special commands to help out normal players better. They can assist you when in trouble 🙂

Whenever you join the game for the first time of the day, you will receive a small Sociality bonus.

New monitor screen. It is a replacement for the Benefits screen. The monitor can display a lot more information. Not all of the items are implemented yet.

The Home Zone has been visually improved and the Universal Log and Affiliation screens have been removed. Those screen are now part of the new monitor.

The Charge zone has been pimped up, it now has animated environment models, special thanks to Mortifero for his awesome work!

Orbs now have their own models. Infiltration, Exploration and Gravitation orbs are already implemented and more will follow.

Yet another new mechanic made it to the game: Gravitation Storms. Those storms will appear when you are too strong for the level you are in. They will chase and try to catch you. When you touch them, they will drain acceleration from your orb, so be careful! It is a good idea to proceed to the next level when you encounter storms.

Players are now able to move their orb with the WASD keys. You can check a setting to switch between both modes. Module activation works a little bit different then. While key movement is set, you can press a module’s hot key, then prepare it by holding down the left mouse button and activate the module by releasing it.

A new Energy module can be found now: Sphere. It will shoot out an energy pulse towards the target location and split into lots of smaller ones when colliding.

Another new module: Reflection. With Reflection activated, a portion of any incoming damage is reflected to it’s source.

Last but not least a new UI area called Multiplicators is now active. It can be compared to active “buffs” you know from other games. It displays all modified multiplicators that are applied to your orb. Be sure to hover over them to learn what they mean and how they work.

Of course, tons of bug fixes and optimizations were also applied, increasing your overall gameplay experience.

That’s it! Have fun!


Social Agent, Press Inquiries and Steam Release

Hello Readers,

I SHOW YOU Games recruited it’s first Social Agent for Orbs. His name is LadyKiller_ and his job is to keep contact with the community, fans and players. He is also responsible to bring new players to the game. So feel free to contact him, you can find him on our discord server.

With the upcoming release on Stream, Orbs receives press inquiries. They plan to review Orbs and publish an article about the game. When there is something to see, ISU will post news about it.

Orbs is finally ready for Steam! It has been approved and is only a few clicks away from being launched. ISU plans to launch Orbs mid September, so stay tuned!


Social Manager, Agent and Referral System and Bundle Sale


I SHOW YOU Games is looking for a social and community manager.

You can have a look at the game’s official website here:


Your task is to maintain external social media sites and profiles, advertising and promoting the game to attract players and build a community. These may include indiedb, youtube, discord, facebook, wordpress, twitter, twitch, wiki, itch.io, gamejolt and steam.

This is important for the game because it is in permanent development, getting new content and lives from feedback from players and fans.

You will keep close contact to the developer and be in permanent exchange.

Your work is free of charge but you will receive a revenue share of 50% for players that refer you as their agent! A valid Paypal account is required.

You will receive a game access key that will enable you to play the game for free.

To apply or to ask any job related questions please send me an email to both of these email addresses to bypass possible spam filters:
rtb@gmx.de and orbs@i-show-you.de

A new referral system has been implemented. It allows new players to refer their agent to allow them to receive a commision. So whenever you register for Orbs, you are asked to pick your agent from a list. These agents also care about the community, fans and social media sites around Orbs. This is your opportunity to thank them for their work.

In September Orbs will be part of a bundle sale by CubicGames. If you want to wait for a great offer to purchase Orbs together with other games, this might be your chance. I SHOW YOU Games will keep you informed about the process.