Music Composers, Crashes and Bullet


yesterday I added a credit line in the loading screen, displayed the author and composer of the respecitvle music for the loaded zone.

I faced a really nasty bug yesterday and I was trying to find out what causes it. The Unity Editor crashes when I pick up instant aid loots that started decreased their value over time. I was so frustrated and could not solve a problem, so I wanted to see whether this happens outside of the editor. I started the game and tried to reproduce this issue but failed. So it seems that this is some problem with the current unity version. Which is good, it does not harm anyone.

The Bullet module had wrong visuals and I fixed that by adding a new material. I also nerfed the module, because collision damage is now calculated differently and the module would have been very overpowered if it remained like it was.

I am currently waiting for new music, more themed models to place and for a website update. Stay tuned, a lot is happening!

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