Ongoing Steam Review, Performance, Defense Music, Website


I am beginning to let Orbs being reviewed by Valve. The first review is already done and Orbs seems to have issues with SteamOS. I think I just found the problem and will mark the next build for another review today. I also added system requirements to the store page for linux users.

Orbs’ source code passed another performance test and I was able to improve quite a lot of issues here and there. As a result the game should play even smoother than before. Orbs is about massive, quick and packed action, so that is one of the things I address regularly while adding new features to the game.

Another song has been completed and it is awesome. Defense zones will play it. Make sure to visit one of those soon 🙂

The website now has two options to download and purchase the game. The regular way by downloading it, purchasing a key through and a second one through the Steam store. There the game is expected to be released on early September.

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