Homepage, Intro and Performance


The new Orbs homepage is almost ready! I plan to do final tests these days and then it will go live. There will be changes made in the future, but at a low rate. The most important thing will be to create a new trailer movie now, because the old one is super outdated and doesn’t fit into the page at all.

I received a concept for a new intro scene. The current intro is rendered by the engine and should be replaced by a rendered cinematic. It will take a lot of time to complete a fitting, well looking new intro tho. So you can not expect to see it in the game anytime soon.

I tagged most pure visual effects in the game as “Highest Quality Only”. So when you set your Graphics Quality to anything below “Fantastic”, some effects will be missing to increase your performance. I’ve noticed that some systems cant even handle the HomeZone. I still wonder why, because there is not much happening there. But I tested on a really weak system.

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