Fast Traveling, Healing Zone, Mantis


most zones will be improved with fast traveling mechanisms.
Orbs features an array of those: Gravitation Bridges, Gravition Lifts and Conveyors. Some can be used to pass the zone very quickly, others lead to hidden areas.

The Healing zone has been visually improved and is now in it’s final stage. The floor got it’s own texture and healing models were placed.

Orbs development is not organized with the mantis issue tracking system. Most of the current collaborators have already been added to the system. I already added the features that are in development. Sooner or later I will add the complete roadmap to mantis. Mantis should also help all collaborators to see what is going on, who works on what, what is finished, what is going to be finished and where the development is aiming for. Please communicate exclusivly through mantis, I can not handle the email traffic anymore. You can use the “Add Note” feature to do that.

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